Welcome to My website.

I'm going to make some changes here.  For now, this is going to become a placeholder with links to everything (kind of like it is now, but with some consolidation).  My photos are spread across several different services.  I plan on slowly moving them all to one site.  At this point, that site is paulgibson.photography.  It uses SmugMug.  I just like how it is set up compared to the rest.  Biggest thing - it's harder for people to steal your pics.  Not that I"m losing any money... I don't take pictures to make money (though you CAN buy pictures there and I will get a small amount of money from it).  But shitheads don't even ask for permission. Eventually, each of the links will disappear as I complete the long arduous task of transferring pictures over to the new site.

The blog will stay for a while, though it's rarely being updated since I don't travel for work anymore.  I may still try and use it, but for what purpose, I do not know.

In the meantime, here are the links:

The Blog


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Automotive Photos


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