Radio replaced

So yeah… it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything. But here we are… with an update. A small update, for sure. Anyway… I finally replaced the garbage aftermarket radio that had been installed. After searching for a long time, I finally found a Heidelberg IV radio. It’s not quite the correct one… a correct one would have been a Heidelberg III. But they are identical on the faceplate, so I’m happy.

Interestingly, I think the radio sounds better than the aftermarket one, even if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.

Here’s the installed Heidelberg:

Heidelberg IV Radio

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New seats!

Sports Seats

Sports Seats

I only found out recently that there was a salvage yard in Pahrump that was VW-only. Of course I had to go. It’s appointment only, so I called on Monday to visit on Tuesday. Of course it rained the entire trip up to Pahrump. And while I was in Pahrump. I didn’t go with any specific in mind, but knew of a couple things that I was hoping to find. In one of the pictures of the place, they had two convertibles. When I got there, only one of them was left in restorable condition. The other had been mostly scrapped. The front clip was still there, but everything else was gone.

The main thing I was looking for was a pair of front seats. Sports seats. I wasn’t expecting anything in good shape. And there wasn’t. BUT… they did have a pair! The frames were the most important thing. Regardless of the condition, I knew the seats would have to be re-upholstered. I think a general range of cost if I bought everything online would have been over $600 for each seat – frame, cushions, fabric. That’s not including labor. With the seats I found, I think I can save between $300-400 on each seat.

The seats they had were as expected… not in presentable shape. I couldn’t just bolt them in and use them. The bases fabric was pretty ripped up. But for the most part, the cushions looked decent. I supposed if I just put seat covers on them, I could use them. Maybe I’ll try that, but I’ll have to wait a while. Since it was raining, they have to dry out. Thankfully, that’s not a hard thing to accomplish in Vegas. So I bought them, put them in the Golf and headed home. I’m happy.

As an added bonus, I was able to find the bumper plugs that I’ve been searching and searching for. I totally forgot to check for a window crank and I didn’t bother with the taillight housings at this point. but I can always go back and find more.

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I FINALLY got the right wires to start my project of rewiring the car. I will start with the rear harness. There are still some parts I need (specifically the block and connectors for the fuse panel), but I’m really happy that the wires I just got match what is original. I had to order them from the UK. I found one place in the US that had striped wires, but they are the right type of striping. Amazon had the right type of striping, but it was WAY more expensive than ordering from the UK. Amazon’s supplier comes to $0.45/foot. AES out of the UK has it for $0.125/foot. That’s a huge difference. Plus, Amazon only has 50 foot spools. I don’t need that much. I can order by the meter from AES. Even with the shipping costs, it’s more efficient to order from the UK.

There are 37 different color variations I need. AES has all but 8 of them. They may actually have all of them, as I’m not sure yet what gauge each one is. They also offer custom – which may or may not be economical. I guess I’ll find out when it comes time to get other color variations (the rear harness has 10 and AES has them all.

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Sound? What sound?

The driver side door speaker came with no sound. The wire was broken at the door hinge. And the passenger side sounded like crap. So I finally went and bought new speakers – they were listed at $80, but both the Best Buy sales guy and I were surprised to see them ring up at $49.99. I’m good with that! I fixed the driver side today and will replace the passenger tomorrow. Sad to say though, it still sounds pretty crappy. But better than the stock speakers. I guess I’m used to the nice sound of the stereo in the R. I have no intention of putting some big expensive sound system in the car. It’s a convertible, after all. Just some twiddling with the EQ on the head unit and I’m good with the sound. While I want to replace the head unit with something period correct, it’s nice that it can has both an aux plug and a USB connection. So I can play stuff off my phone if I really wanted to. I’m trying to put together a period correct playlist on my phone – nothing earlier than 1981 and nothing later than 1986.

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Rewiring has begun

I have started the rewiring. Well… sorta. I’m going to attempt to do all the ground wires first. I’m starting in the rear of the car, as that has the easiest ones to get to. I’ve started preparing the ground wires for the tailgate (license plate lights). I won’t replace them just yet, as I want to replace the hot wire for them at the same time so that I can use the sleeve that is coming in the mail. (The correct colored hot wire is also on order.)

But I did finish a single ground wire. The ground from the passenger rear light cluster to the body. It looks to work just fine. Success!

Here’s the old wire:

Old Ground Wire

Old Ground Wire

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