Sound? What sound?

The driver side door speaker came with no sound. The wire was broken at the door hinge. And the passenger side sounded like crap. So I finally went and bought new speakers – they were listed at $80, but both the Best Buy sales guy and I were surprised to see them ring up at $49.99. I’m good with that! I fixed the driver side today and will replace the passenger tomorrow. Sad to say though, it still sounds pretty crappy. But better than the stock speakers. I guess I’m used to the nice sound of the stereo in the R. I have no intention of putting some big expensive sound system in the car. It’s a convertible, after all. Just some twiddling with the EQ on the head unit and I’m good with the sound. While I want to replace the head unit with something period correct, it’s nice that it can has both an aux plug and a USB connection. So I can play stuff off my phone if I really wanted to. I’m trying to put together a period correct playlist on my phone – nothing earlier than 1981 and nothing later than 1986.

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